Mrs. Telemarketer’s Telemarketer School

(a person is “talking on the phone, you can hear on the other line a person screaming and hanging up the phone. The person frowns for a second, then smiles widely, hanging up the phone. The person looks at the camera)


Mrs. Telemarketer: hello, do you want to venture into the world of telemarketry? If so, you should still listen. Hello, I am Mrs. Telemarketer and I sell stuff for no-name or really really bad companies you just don’t like. If you’re still interested, call this number. We’re available 24 hours a day, because of the fact that we don’t sleep and have no food because we spend all our money on coffee, sugar pills, and amphetamines. The number is 1-800-WE-SUCK-BECAUSE-WE’RE-TELEMARKETERS. Bye!


(fade out)


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