(a big office with a lot of people typing on computers)
(a man starts walking from the left to the right, and the camera follows him)

Man: here, at WorldCom, we are like a family. Our family is always together, and our family never gets a vacation. We’re also 3.8 billion dollars in debt………but who’s counting? Certainly not us, because Andersen, the same company that did the same thing with us with Enron, was counting for us. Those fucking bastards.

(Man leans against a wall)

Man: but here at WorldCom, we like to have a family. Excuse me, we LIKED to have a family, because now our family has been torn apart

(the camera does a 180 degree spin, looking from behind Man, and all the computer desks were gone)

Man: we had to lay off thousands and thousands of people so that we could stop paying them and get some money out of not paying them. Now, all we have is Steve. But he works for free, because he lives in the air vents. Say hi Steve

(a guy from way back in the room, gets up and waves)

Steve: hi everybody!

Man: WorldCom – We’re a family. Be apart of ours.


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