Jimiscokfick Mycomnisory Arm Pit Hair Straightner

(a guy is walking by the TV screen when the announcer guy comes on)


Announcer: hey you!


Guy: who me?


Announcer: yes you, do you have unprotected sex?


Guy: what the fuck???


Announcer: why don’t you try the new Jimiscokfick Mycomnisory arm pit hair straightner? It will straighten your armpit hair in no time flat!


Guy: who the fuck wants that?


Announcer: .5% of the world does! Don’t you want to be part of that .5%?


Guy: …


Announcer: It;’s also proven to cause cancer and HIV and instant death, but WHO CARES? you’ll die with straight armpit hair!


Guy: umm..i gotta go, bye…


The Announcer takes out a taser and tasers the guy until he falls down.


Announcer: see? the Jimiscokfick Mycomnisory arm pit hair straightner could have prevented that!


The guy is twitching on the ground.


Announcer: buy it now…before i kill you…seriously…

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