#8592: SR71 Steve -> mm4526

SR71 Steve: isn’t nicole hot?

mm4526: YES…Yes she is

SR71 Steve: damn u

SR71 Steve: get ur hands off my bitch

mm4526: Damn u u Gary Coleman hater


SR71 Steve: U saying ur a pony fucker?

mm4526: STop spazzin

mm4526: gee

SR71 Steve: meatloaf

mm4526: my keyboard isnt as saucy as yours

SR71 Steve: blue

mm4526: doo da da dada deh

mm4526: ther coming from u

mm4526: for u*

SR71 Steve: so

SR71 Steve: i have the power of chesse

mm4526: by the time u get that itll be to late

mm4526: ill already be gone

mm4526: to…

SR71 Steve: damn u clark kent!

mm4526: Sweet Home Alabama

mm4526: Yes…Clark Kent

SR71 Steve: so u R the real slim shady

SR71 Steve: !

mm4526: no im not

mm4526: gee

mm4526: dont talk about those apples

SR71 Steve: damn

SR71 Steve: my search continues

SR71 Steve: farwell

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