#8549: Jessie -> Holic1299

Jessie: I am lost. Will you help me find my way?

Holic1299: who are you?

Jessie: I hit my head on a tree branch and can’t remember who I am.

Holic1299: very funny

Jessie: I find nothing funny about that

Holic1299: who the hell are ya?

Holic1299: I have no time for jokes like that now

Jessie: I’m not joking I reallly did hit my head and can’t remember who I am…..*cries* oh no the birds are gonna peck my skull again

Holic1299: oh yeah

Holic1299: so why did ya chose to contact me then :rolleyes:

Jessie: because I thought you might know the directions to the gingerbread house.

Holic1299: goodbye

Jessie: don’t leave…

Jessie: It’s all your fault I’m stuck in the wilderness anyways…if you wouldn’t have eaten the bread crumbs I threw on the ground I wouldn’t be lost….

Holic1299 signed off at 6:07:59 PM.

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