#8532: MadManWithAnAxe -> EmoKid

MadManWithAnAxe: howdy, sunshine


MadManWithAnAxe: i’ll give you 3 guesses

EmoKid: how bout u tell me cuz im to busy to guess

MadManWithAnAxe: busy with what?!?

MadManWithAnAxe: you’re too good for me now????

MadManWithAnAxe: i thought we were ”bestest friends forever”

EmoKid: looking for a new camera

MadManWithAnAxe: we signed that treaty

EmoKid: ya well i am when i dont know who the fuck u are

MadManWithAnAxe: i have to go

MadManWithAnAxe: i’ll see you tomorrow

MadManWithAnAxe: fucker

EmoKid: NO u wont

EmoKid: cuz u dont know me FUCK FACE

EmoKid: FUCK a treaty

MadManWithAnAxe: b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but….

MadManWithAnAxe: i….love…you

EmoKid: u dont even know who i am

MadManWithAnAxe: i just could never tell you

MadManWithAnAxe: until now

EmoKid: u dont even know my name

MadManWithAnAxe: do name’s matter when it comes to true love?

MadManWithAnAxe: what’s in a name?

MadManWithAnAxe: a rose by any other blah blah blah…

EmoKid: yes it does and im not telling u my name

EmoKid: i dont even know u or where u live or who u are

MadManWithAnAxe: none of that matters anymore

MadManWithAnAxe: will……will you be my date to the prom?

MadManWithAnAxe: your silence says everything

MadManWithAnAxe: i know about……her

MadManWithAnAxe: i’ve known all along

MadManWithAnAxe: i thought you changed

MadManWithAnAxe: i thought you were different

MadManWithAnAxe: but i guess i was naive

MadManWithAnAxe: you’re all the same

EmoKid: u dont know if im a femal or male i dont know what the hell u are

MadManWithAnAxe: what difference does it make??!?!

MadManWithAnAxe: i LOVE you

EmoKid: it makes a big difference

MadManWithAnAxe: how so?

EmoKid: cuz if u dont know me than u cant love me

MadManWithAnAxe: but, i DO love you

MadManWithAnAxe: i love you with all my soul

EmoKid: u dont know me fucker

MadManWithAnAxe: i know you enough to love you

MadManWithAnAxe: i WANT you

MadManWithAnAxe: i NEED you

MadManWithAnAxe: i LOVE you


MadManWithAnAxe: how could you say that?!? after all we’ve been through

EmoKid: we havent been throught ne thing

MadManWithAnAxe: :-(all the good times we had

EmoKid: if u knew me u would know my name

EmoKid: if u really did feel that way u would tell me who u were

MadManWithAnAxe: if you don’t know….then i guess you don’t love me anymore

MadManWithAnAxe: oh yeah, and that kiss….IT MEANT NOTHING

EmoKid: what kiss

MadManWithAnAxe: :'(YOU DON’T REMEMBER?!?

EmoKid: i dont know who u are so no i woulndt know

MadManWithAnAxe: i hate you

MadManWithAnAxe: i HATE you

EmoKid: ok good i dont even know u

EmoKid: so i dont give a FUCK

MadManWithAnAxe: how could you say that

EmoKid: because i can

MadManWithAnAxe: and not for the better

EmoKid: like i said u dontk now if im a guy or a girl so ya

MadManWithAnAxe: bye

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