Sticktra (PC) Review

Developer: Smoking Monkey Software

  Sticktra (PC) (2.0 MiB, 1,368 hits)

Game by Smoking Monkey Software, made with Game Maker.


Sticktra is a game that gives you too much information about things you really don’t want to know. Other than that, its not much of a game, because the game is too god damn hard to beat conventionally. So you have to run. Run through each level, and hopefully not die before you get to the end. Sure you can shoot your stupid gun, but what’s the use? It takes 100 bullets to kill a stupid bat.


The graphics are actually not good at all, but since there was a theme, it didn’t look absolutely horrible. It wasn’t that bad.


The gunshots are really annoying, but you can avoid them all together, because they don’t help you while you’re running through the level.


Run, jump, shoot…boring…

Crappiest Part:

How there’s so many fucking enemies. I mean come on. It takes a million bullets to kill one of them, and then you have another million enemies to shoot. So that’s like a billion bullets. You only start out with 700 or something anyhow. If it took less bullets to kill the enemies, it would have been better, because you’d actually kill the enemies instead of running past them

Overall Score:

The game has nothing good or interesting about it. The only thing I like though, is the theme of everything being poorly drawn, and having no real time involved in coloring them. The game does run well though.


  Sticktra (PC) (2.0 MiB, 1,368 hits)

Game by Smoking Monkey Software, made with Game Maker.

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