Gloom (PC) Review

Developer: Grashaboras

  Gloom (PC) (1.4 MiB, 1,056 hits)

Game by Grashaboras, made with Game Maker.


The world of Gloom isn’t a very happy one. Its, dare I say…gloomy? In Gloom, you’re a marine that was sent to a planet to guard the portals to an evil dimension full of demonic aliens, because you killed another marine when you were on duty sometime before, and that’s where they send marines that do bad things. Well, guess what? The portal opened up or whatever, and the whole planet of Phobos is run over with demon aliens.


The graphics are pretty good, I’d say that the sprites were worked on quite a bit. The background and the floors/walls, etc. aren’t special, but they accomplish what they are there for.


The sound is actually very good in this game. The music is good for the mood, and the gun sounds don’t get annoying at all.


The gameplay is pretty good. You point and shoot stuff with the mouse, which makes it kind of more interactive, I suppose. There are some pretty cool weapons in this game too. I only got so far as the level where you get Double Machine Guns, because this game gets really HARD after about 6 levels or so.

Crappiest Part:

The crappiest part is probably the enemy AI. 2 of the enemies I’ve seen just charge you when you get close to them, and then they’re like right on top of you, so you have to jump up and down to shoot them. It would’ve been better if there was a movie kind of thing between each level, instead of having to read a paragraph or 2 of story, even though the story is pretty good.

Overall Score:

This game is good, but definitely could have been improved a little bit more. Its one of the better games I’ve seen made with GameMaker. 8/10

  Gloom (PC) (1.4 MiB, 1,056 hits)

Game by Grashaboras, made with Game Maker.

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