Ghostie 2 (PC) Review

Developer: Liberty Freak

  Ghostie 2 (PC) (655.9 KiB, 1,054 hits)

Game by Liberty Freak, made with Game Maker.

I made this title, I guess he was too lazy to put a 2 on the end


This is exactly like Ghostie, but with a few little additions…like slime and gas as new enemies! whoa! i didn’t see them because I couldn’t figure out how to get past the first level! And supposedly you can kill the snowmen and some “secrets” that are probably non-existant


The same as Ghostie, but oh, what’s this? I see 3 new, original (most likely) sprites? hallelujah! a different colored Ghostie ghost, some blue star thing that kills you on touch and a skull that’s in the way of you getting to the second level if there is one! YAY!!


The sound is good. Its another song from the vast library of Liberty Freak. yeeehawww…give me more songs! or tell me where you get them…


wow, you can move AND if you press the space bar, you get a little surprise…..YOU COMMIT SUICIDE! WHAT A GREAT CONTROL!!!!! WHY THE HELL IS THIS A CONTROL?!!!111!!!111 (the ones are intentional)

Crappiest Part:

Contrary to what I said for Ghostie, I said there was no story. Well now that there IS one, its the crappiest part. This is the story (copy and pasted): After your recent success at making everyone miserable, you take a trip to your homeworld to relax for a while. As you arrive, you suddenly realise that things are wrong. Your world is a total wreck. All your fellow ghost have disappeared. You see a new, dirty skyscaper towering above you. You go inside.

Overall Score:

Ghostie 2 is a little bit better than its predecessor, but not by much. With vast additions, such as suicide, a new song, and 3 snowmen in a row throwing presents simultaneously, this is a 5 STAR DOWNLOAD! YAAA! not really. I give it a:


  Ghostie 2 (PC) (655.9 KiB, 1,054 hits)

Game by Liberty Freak, made with Game Maker.

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