Cyclop Force (PC) Review

Developer: Urisoft

  Cyclop Force (PC) (1.5 MiB, 2,003 hits)

Game by Urisoft, made with Game Maker.


wow…where to start? i dont know what to say. In this game, you’re a cyclops….and….you shoot…..a gun….that’s about it. There’s only 2 modes, a Vs. mode (against someone on the same computer, using the same keyboard) and “training” in which you shoot a target, that half the time is hard to get to in the time allowed or is somewhere you cant get to.


The graphics are not that great at all. I liked the idea about all the different types of characters and maps. Though, you can’t really even tell that the characters ARE cyclopses, because you only see them from a side view. They just look like eggs…


The music is the best thing about this game. This game actually has the best music in a Game Maker game i have ever played.


Ok, the gameplay sucks so much. The controls are HORRIBLE and it took me at least 10 or 15 minutes just to get the hang of it. It could’ve been done a lot better. The aiming system is also really bad, because its hard to control your aiming WHILE you are trying to move and jump around. The training mode is bad, too. The actual good things about this game, is that it has a nice split screen for the Vs. Mode, a lot of different characters to choose from (with different “special” abilities each), and again, the music. Jumping is very hard to do in this game, because you cant land on the place that you’re supposed to jump onto, but have to kind of get onto the side and then jump again to get on the ledge.

Crappiest Part:

How there’s no musical jukebox thing that you can just listen to the music. But, the real crappiest part is the whole game.

Overall Score:

This is really one of the worst games i’ve ever had the nightmare of playing, with only the music to really say “hey that was good” about, I give it a:


  Cyclop Force (PC) (1.5 MiB, 2,003 hits)

Game by Urisoft, made with Game Maker.

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