Clintario Part One: The Creations of Doctor Gobbo (PC) Review

Developer: Gizmo Games

  Clintario (PC) (2.1 MiB, 1,862 hits)

Game by Gizmo Games, made with Game Maker.


This is a side scroller…like Mario…same sounds and everything…the annoying coin sound…the stupid enemies…the annoying coin sound…and even less of a story than Mario. There IS no story…well its about the same now that I think about it.


Average. The background was kind of interesting…and the enemies are really simple drawings.


I like the music a lot actually…but the annoying coin sound balances the sound out to a 0, meaning its not good and its not bad.


Simple enough. You’d think that the up arrow would be jump, but its actually the space bar. that’s the only annoying thing. Also the fact that you have to jump realllllllly long lenghts is kind of annoying, because if you’re way into the room, it starts you over.

Crappiest Part:

Umm…I don’t like this game too much…I have no idea why I’m playing it, because there’s no story.

Overall Score:

This isn’t a good game, if it were more complete I might give it a better score, but it really wouldn’t have gotten much more. The ANNOYING as hell coin sound is stupid as hell….GO TO HELL! I give it a:


  Clintario (PC) (2.1 MiB, 1,862 hits)

Game by Gizmo Games, made with Game Maker.

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