Cliff Gunner (PC) Review

Developer: Blackrat Studios

  Cliff Gunner (PC) (1.5 MiB, 1,813 hits)

Game by Blackrat Studios, made with Game Maker.


Cliff Gunner is basically an updated version of Space Invaders, with better drawings, and not much anything more different.


The graphics are nice. I like the buildings. The ships and UFO things are kinda weird looking though. But hey, who am I to say that an alien ship looks weird? It may even be the gay ships that have come to attack Earth so they can rule it and suck off all the other alien cock they wanted without persecution.


Its ok. The air siren is sort of annoying after the first 2 seconds.


Simple enough. You point and click the ships and missiles that are coming down at the city, and try not to have anything blow up the city.

Crappiest Part:

Well, the crappiest part would be how its not really that exciting to just blow up missiles and stuff. Its more fun to blow up the city yourself. That’s what I thought I was supposed to do the first time around. Then it said I lost. Why can’t there be a game like that, that you go from city to city and blow all their shitty buildings up? WHY!??!

Overall Score:

This is a good game, but there’s not much that is different from Space Invaders. The scenery and all the sprites are easy on the eyes, but I have to give a 7/10, because there is nothing new in this, that I’ve seen.

  Cliff Gunner (PC) (1.5 MiB, 1,813 hits)

Game by Blackrat Studios, made with Game Maker.

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