Arena (PC) Review

Developer: Delta9 Games

  Arena (PC) (2.5 MiB, 1,854 hits)

Game by Delta9 Games, made with Game Maker.


A space shooter-type game, where you have a ship that looks like a bat, and you go around trying to kill another person (that is playing too, on your keyboard)


The graphics are nothing great, I have no idea what the hell the ship is really supposed to be…are there fangs on it?


The title screen music is annoying. But the in-game music is better, and sets “a mood” that you would want to have.


The control scheme is a bit weird to get the hang of at first, since you go kinda fast for the little amount of space you really have to go in before you have to make a turn, and you bounce off walls, so it might take you about 4 minutes to get out of a dead end corner….

Crappiest Part:

How you have to have someone with you when playing this game. If the other ship had an AI or something, it’d be fun to play…or some random enemies flying around. There should be a one player mode, i guess is what i’m trying to say.

Overall Score:

This game does have a little fun to it, even if you do play alone. I give it a:


  Arena (PC) (2.5 MiB, 1,854 hits)

Game by Delta9 Games, made with Game Maker.

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