Annihilation (PC) Review

Developer: Liberty Freak

  Annihilation (PC) (1,008.2 KiB, 1,845 hits)

Annihilation by Liberty Freak. Made with Game Maker.


You are supposed to shoot people or something. I don’t read “story screens”.


ok.. It’s all birds eye perspective, so i guess you can’t expect that much, but infiltrator looks much better.


Not that great. Kinda sucks. Actually the menu sounds ok… alright i don’t really remember the sound and i don’t want to play it again.


Arg! i hate it! it was a good effort but it plays really bad.i hate the RE style controls (rotate, walk forward,backward) i could think of some better schemes… in fact i might just make a game like that to prove it!…anyway it’s hard to shoot anyone and they see you no matter what direction you’re facing… I couldn’t get past the first mission. some doors dont open… i’m not sure what you’re sposed to do with those. if you hit a wall, you stick to it… you walk too fast.. rotate at the wrong speed, i’d say… just not very enjoyable.

Crappiest part:

The sticking to walls thing. And the title. i hate it when people make these stupid titles to hype up their games. arg! also you get all these training missions for the different weapons, then on the first level all you can buy is a pistol. since i coulnt beat that level…. i never really got to “annihilate” everyone!! HAHAHAHA!!!! there’s your stupid review dave. hey evryone, go look at my “AMIGOS” flash movie.

Overall Score:

I give this a 4/10 for effort. there’s probably more levels… so yeah.

  Annihilation (PC) (1,008.2 KiB, 1,845 hits)

Annihilation by Liberty Freak. Made with Game Maker.

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    Guest – Nov 21st, 2003, 10:11am
    This game looks very interesting but how do you play it? The game is very interesting to my sister too!

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