Real World? More like Real CRAP

The reality show before reality shows, this piece of shit show on MTV which has nothing to do with music except when they play some shit to keep you entertained through transitions and to “set the mood” has no real point. 6 stupid people, always consisting of the following formula: 2 very straight, good looking guys; 1 gay guy; 1 lesbian; and 2 good looking girls, usually one with big cans.

Its such crap, they all work at the same place, and they try to make it interesting by making them have alcohol problems. Nothing illegal though, because MTV would be liable to be sued because they’d be making money off of illegal acts.

Its FAKE as HELL, too. No matter who you are, whenever you’re in front of a camera, you are going to be fake as possible. And the confessionals suck. Like I really give a shit how you feel about whatsyourface about whatsherface licking the shit out of everyone’s ass. To spice up this show, they should torture them. But actually what viewer wouldn’t be already, with people like those?

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