Chalk Zone: For the Stoner Kid

I mean come on. Everything you draw with chalk goes to the Chalk Zone when its erased? Magic Chalk? 2 eyed cyclopses? This all makes no sense, and it seems that this show would only be really taken somewhat understandably if the kid watching it were extremely high.


What the hell is with Magic Chalk? This idea is gonna make every kid think chalk is all magical and when a teacher writes on the chalkboard, they’re always going to open a portal to Chalk Zone.


Maybe this is the reason why schools are changing the chalk boards to dry erase boards! Because there’s a chance that Chalk Zone could invade us. I wanna live in Chalk Zone, because then I could snuff all the chalk dust I wanted. Maybe I’ll see a Chalk Volcano. Wow. How about that. Or maybe a penis that someone could’ve drawn on a chalkboard.

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