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The encounter between the Native Americans and the Europeans brought both good and bad situations. The good was that both cultures learned a lot from one another. The Europeans learned so much that it completely revolutionized its agriculture and economy. When the Natives introduced the Europeans to tobacco it changed the European economy forever. Tobacco along with other crops such as potatoes gave the European market whole new materials to trade with and sell it really helped blossom their economy. When the Natives were introduced to horses it completely changed how they traveled. It made Native more convenient by helping to move things, with the horses they got to places faster and it made hunting easier. Though a lot of good came from the Natives and Europeans meeting it didn’t last. After some time had past everything went downhill. Indians were beginning to be forced off their land, then invaders began destroying tribes and brutally killing and robbing innocent Indians. As the European explorers expanded more and more Indians were enslaved and killed. The whole collision of these two cultures turned from a collaborating friendship to a war for land and power. Many Europeans treated the natives badly but there were those like John Smith were kind to Natives and worked together with them. In the end the Natives were seen as people who were helpful but them became a diminutive problem, which need to be pushed aside or destroyed.

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