My Life Sucks

Hello folks. My life sucks. This morning I drove to school. TO SCHOOL! Imagine the nerve of my parents to pay for me to attend some place that tries to prepare me to submit to the man. Worst of all, the System has now installed security cameras in my shower.

Apparently it’s taken a mind of its own and is distributing nude pictures of me over the internet. Including that one time when the water ran cold. I’m all man, but thanks to the System, only people in Japan know that. And when the lizard stole my tortilla bag, I knew I’d had enough. As if my day couldn’t get any worse, Jesse Jackson called me. Wanted to know if I’d like to donate to his “Rainbow Coalition.” So I asked him if he was gay. Boy, what a cranky guy. You’d think that because he called me he’d have a little more patience. And don’t most people associate gays with rainbows? Anyway, then I had to go into work.

Today, I learned how to fix the chili sauce just so that the cockroaches are completely mixed in. They sure are hard to mix though. I must have been spitting and sweating into that shit for hours! In conclusion, gas prices are still high, and that’s why my life sucks.

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