USA: The California Recall


The California Recall election is finally God damn over. I thought that whoresnatch Gray Davis would appeal the election in the courts, but he didn’t. If he did, we’d never hear the end of the fucking thing, and his term would be over before anything changed.

I for one, am very glad that Gray Davis is out of office, though I don’t nearly as much support the way it happened. The Recall does seem like a cheap way for the Republicans to gain power in California. When Gray Davis said that the Recall isn’t democratic, it really wasn’t. It was Republican, and that was the main problem.

This is a list of reasons that I support Gray Davis getting his ass kicked out of office:

  • He gave ILLEGAL immigrants the right to have a driver’s liscense. This is INSANE. Its like a fucking game in California. The game is this: if you get past our border patrol, hey guess what, you can get a driver’s liscence, health care, welfare, and all this other good stuff, at everyone else’s expense, and you don’t have to pay a God damn peso. You just have to make it over alive and not in jail. I hope that Schwarzenegger will repeal this as soon as he can.
  • The ridiculous car tax. I don’t particularly care about it, because I’m not buying or paying any bills for cars, but when you raise a tax, you don’t triple it. You may raise it 20% or something, but not fucking 4 million times what it is before. Pretty soon you’re paying more tax than what you’re paying for the God damned car.
  • Not many people liked him to begin with. During the election in which he won against Bill Simon, everyone just voted for the lesser of the two evils. Bill Simon is a jackass and can’t run a colony of ants without fucking things up like killing all the workers. All he is is a business man, and though he may or may not be good at that, he’s not gonna be any good at running a fucking state, let alone California, the strongest state economically in the United States.
  • He repeatedly says that the Recall is not democratic. If its not very democratic then why the hell are people taking their democratic right to vote on the God damned thing in the first place? It doesn’t matter if people were payed or not to sign the petition that was going around to get the Recall started, but it IS democratic when people vote for something, and vote to eject your bitch ass from office, along with your stupid bitch wife.
  • He signed bills at the last minute trying to get more people to vote no on the recall. This stupid suck up bitch tried to suck up to the fucking illegal immigrants, who somehow have the right to vote, evidently.
  • He started playing dirty politics at the end of the Recall. I don’t care what this stupid cunt rag says, he’s the one that put out all the groping bullshit out into the media. Its total bullshit, and its really stupid. All these women that are accusing Arnold of groping them, are HORRIBLY UGLY. Why the FUCK would anyone grope a stupid ugly stuck up bitch, when you’ve got a 7 million times hotter wife at home? It doesn’t make sense.
  • Davis was a pansy bitch puppet for Cruz Bustamante. Do you REALLY think that Davis could come up with all these things that he’s signing and crap? Sure, I’ll agree that he made some decisions and bills that may have been worth something, but Bustamante is really the biggest influence behind Davis. I haven’t even heard of that bald headed fuck until the Recall started. And I hate him too.

Okay, now I’m done complaining about Davis. This is all I can think of right now.

Now onto the actual topic at hand. The California Recall. Never has any election ever seen so many stupid candidates. There’s about 10 actual candidates that anyone would vote for. The other 9 billion are just stupid idiots that think that they can get some sort of TV time and actually get their views heard, which is bull cause they won’t, and they’ll only end up getting votes from them and their friends and family. Such a waste of votes. They probably actually thought that 3 million people would vote for them so that they would actually gain the position of governor. Seriously, does that make sense?

So, after all the bullshit of the Recall, it finally came down to Arnold winning. Arnold’s winning over Bustamante could be illustrated by this comic that stimpyismyname drew:

Bustamante is a jackass. If he was going to get elected governor, he would be a complete moron and absolutely nothing would change. He would also pamper to the illegal immigrants every freaking chance he got, since he seems to have been one at one time or something like that, since he says he’s so much like them and understands everything about them.

So, we’re just going to have to see how Arnold Schwarzenegger will be as a Californian governor.

But, seriously, how much cooler would it have been if we could get Gallagher to be the governor?

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