USA: The School System

I remember hearing my mom yelling at me, “School is not a democracy, you dont vote whether or not you want to do something, when the teacher tells you to do it, you do it, whether you like it or not.” That’s right mom, its not a democracy. Its a tyranny, all ran by someone deemed head of this small tyranny of a government inside of a half democracy half republican government, cleverly named “Principal,” and his Underlings called “Associate Principals” and “Assisstant Principals.” I myself had not had too good of an experience with “Assisstant Principals.” I was banned from eating in the school’s cafeteria for five consecutive life sentences. Of course, you see, that these guys have power, and know how to abuse it. If I go in there one more time and stay there, I’d get a referral for disobedience. What am I? A pet? Pets get punished for disobedience. I don’t see why a student in a school should be getting a referral for disobedience.


That’s why schools in America are screwed up.

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