3 Things That Make Me Feel Proud, Special, or Unique

1. My imagination

This is the key to writing my stories. Without it I may have never made DBC (David Broadcasting Company).

2. My ability to write stories in script format

I made something called DBC (David Broadcasting Company) with TV shows, movies, sports, radio station, that kind of thing. I have a lot of TV shows for it and I’m also making a story for a web site I help on the internet.

3. My being able to figure out video games and computer games before I read the instructions.

I can figure out the basic commands (sometimes some advanced commands) the first time I put the game into the system. Sometimes I don’t even need the instruction booklet to learn how to play.


This would be evidence for 1 and 2. This story is based on Pokémon (a video game) where I turn the tables and when humans usually catch Pokémon the Pokémon catch humans. This is only about a page of the story. I have 10 pages so far:

Note: I took this piece of fine literature out of this article because I’m going to put it up as a separate thing later on. I’ll link it from here when its up. I’ll put it up when I feel that I’m ready to receive the backlash for even writing shit like that in my past.

I can’t really give any evidence for #3. I have no idea how I can give anything for that.

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