Dreams of the Future

This was written as an essay for dave’s 12th grade English class.

I have many dreams of the future for my life. There are different types of success that I would consider successful and some that are not successful for me at all. One thing is for sure though, in 30 years I want to see that I made a difference. I want to make an impact on a greater scale, and not be living life with nothing to look forward to with each passing day.

The main dream I have for my future is to become the head of a huge company that I build with my own hands, with or without help from others. I believe that within 10 years, I will be able to gain enough popularity to branch into different business fields. I will probably gain most of my popularity through my web site, because a lot of people like it, and as I slowly make money off of it, I will have enough money to do more things. I will also use some money I get elsewhere, like my job, to fund my ambitions for future development of my company. I know this is a long shot and it probably won’t happen, but it’s just a dream.

A second dream that I have, is to somehow rule the world, and THEN make a huge company that everyone loves, or will be forced to love. I would obtain the world by enlisting an army of millions and millions of people, that would like to join my cause. And once I had a powerful enough army, I would become the president of the United States, because the millions and millions of people that are in my army would vote for me, and then I would have control of my army and the United States Army, and then I would take over the world accordingly. The company I make would supply most of the world’s food and other necessary items, because I would force all the companies in the world to become apart of my company. I would be a fair and honest ruler, and the world will be passed down through the generations of my family. I know this isn’t going to happen at all though.

If I, in the future, end up doing things that are really important, and I end up not having a life that doesn’t have anything more to look forward to, then I would consider myself successful. I want everyday to be exciting and I want to be happy with the choices I made in my life, and the path that I took.

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