#7639: Bklynzballer -> Holmes

This took place on July 8, 2001.

Bklynzballer: so wer not friends

Holmes: yeah we are that wa smy friend before

Bklynzballer: oo

Bklynzballer: i didnt see u today

Holmes: yeah

Holmes: you know how it is

Holmes: ,marijuana and drugs get to your head

Holmes: so you skip school

Bklynzballer: yup

Bklynzballer: son…tracy gave me head this morning

Holmes: and do the macarena without pants in your living room listening to ricky martin and blasting it on loud making wierd funny noises, you know what i mean?

Holmes: she did? wow

Bklynzballer: really

Bklynzballer: then i dumped her

Holmes: wow

Holmes: that sucks

Bklynzballer: ben is getting jumped

Holmes: O.o

Holmes: cooool

Holmes: thats so col

Holmes: cool*

Bklynzballer: im gunna kick his fucking asss

Holmes: ouch

Bklynzballer: arent u his friend?

Holmes: yeah but friends beat up friends

Bklynzballer: right….like how i beat u up

Holmes: haven’t you heard the circle of friends rules?

Holmes: no

Bklynzballer: im the strongest in our class.

Holmes: uh huh

Bklynzballer: am i black?

Bklynzballer: u hav a pic of me?

Holmes: no

Bklynzballer: am i white?

Holmes: your blackinese

Bklynzballer: no im not


Holmes: fine your really half colombian, half australian and half estupido

Bklynzballer: seriously…

Holmes: estupido is a southern russian town where few people come from

Holmes: i[‘m serious

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