#7638: Bklynzballer -> MyLeftTesticle

This took place on July 8, 2001.

Bklynzballer: hey fag

MyLeftTesticle: Huh?

Bklynzballer: ready to die?

Bklynzballer: huh?

MyLeftTesticle: Why?

Bklynzballer: well?

MyLeftTesticle: Why am I going to die?

Bklynzballer: ure getting jumped

MyLeftTesticle: Why?

Bklynzballer: because u made me mad yesterday

MyLeftTesticle: What did I do?

Bklynzballer: this is ben right?

MyLeftTesticle: Yes.

Bklynzballer: u kno who this is?

MyLeftTesticle: Who?

Bklynzballer: mike from school

MyLeftTesticle: Um, I don’t think I know you.

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