Bklynzballer invites davepoobond into a chat again. This took place on July 7, 2001, right after the last IM.

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Bklynzballer5”. ***

Bklynzballer: i know its not tommorrow

Bklynzballer: hes a smart ass

Bklynzballer: dont you think?

davepoobond: i guess

Bklynzballer: so …if you die tonight i get your stash?

davepoobond: but why are we talkinga bout this…

davepoobond: no…i meant if i dont show up tomorrow

davepoobond: consider me dead

Bklynzballer: ok..will do

Bklynzballer: i’ll even make a tombstone for you in school

Bklynzballer: hows that?

Bklynzballer: happy?

Bklynzballer: so if you do die…you want to be in ashes?

Bklynzballer: ?

Bklynzballer: well

Bklynzballer: yo …i called tracy over…

Bklynzballer: im out of my stash…she wants to get high

OnlineHost: Bklynzballer has left the room.

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