Black Out Notice From School

Dear Parents:


Please review the following procedures to help us ensure the safety of all school students.


In case of a black out, during class time, the school’s staff and students will remain in the classroom. We will hold the bell if necessary.


All teachers have been provided with flashlights and safety kits. In addition, our generator provides low lighting in the halls for safe exit.


The administration and security team will patrol the halls, classrooms and campus. We have been assured that telephones will be in operation.


If a black out occurs between class periods or during break or lunchtime, our procedure is for students and staff to assemble on the field, according to their SSR/Homeroom assignments.


We are asking that you do not pick up your son/daughter during a black out period. Blackouts occuring in other cities have been typically for one hour or less.

One thought on “Black Out Notice From School”

  1. in case you dont know what this is, this is a black out notice from out school. This is an insight on the power crisis in California, and why paper was actually used to send this home…its screwed up.

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