A Suicide Note Kinda Thingy Found in a Parking Lot at School

davepoobond: before you read this, i want you to understand what this is. This is a weird thingy, and i found it in a parking lot at school, so i dont know who it is…this is just screwed up, so thats why its here in the first place

How everything pricks my consience, and spurs me on again to my revenge! What is man, if he merely spends his life sleeping and eating? No better than a beast. Surely the God who gave us the ability to think logically, and to conceive of past and future, didn’t endow us with that skill and reasoning power for it to grow mildly in us from disguise. I don’t know whether this is brutish ignorance, or some cowardly indescision caused by thinking far too deeply about the consequences (something which always consists of one part wisdom and three parts cowardice!) that makes me put things off. After all, I have the motive, the determination, the strength and the means to do it. There’s no shortage of examples to inspire me: witness this large and costly army, led by a sensitive and youthful prince whos courage – inflated bwith divine ambition – scoffs at danger. He risks his life, exposing himself to chance, death and danger, and all for an empty shell. True greatness lies not in fighting noble causes, but in quibbling over trifles when honor is at stake. What’s to be said of me, then? I have a father who has been murdered, another who has been defiled, and motives inspired both by reason and passion: yet I’ve dont nothing to my shame, at the same time. I see the imminent deaths of twenty thousand men, who for an illusion, the sham of renown, go to their graves as if to their beds, and fight over a plot of croung not big enough to accomodate the combatants, nor to bury them should they be slain. Oh from now on my thoughts must conentrate on vengeance, or they’re unworthy.

davepoobond: haha, scared you huh? its actually a school assignment…it was confirmed with my school. oh well, it was sorta funny putting you on for a while. ahaha. thats why it deserves to go up on Screwed Up Town, eh? Because the school assigns reports like these to turn in.

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