What does the Middle East mainly consist of?

What does the Middle East mainly consist of?

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One thought on “What does the Middle East mainly consist of?

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    • D is cool.

    • D is ….. well…… (thinks about D and just about falls off chair laughing but gets back up and straightens hair) okay… I guess…


    • Camels are the best!! Except when they spit….

    • Satan id the best and what about ted we all believe in ted and GAIA

    • u all will burn in hell if u do not worship all mighty GOD!!

    • i say D… hey dave whats wrong w/ the answer thing here?

    • mmm, camels like humps

    • a 1 humped camel does a 1 humped poo. a 2 humped camel does a 2 humped poo

    • worship me

    • Call me crazy but i cant belive in a god who can’t appreciate the greatness of poo.

    • I love camels

    • When camels are happy they point their tails backwards. Don’t ask how I know.

    • Fuck all of u Middle Eastern haters…Fuck off im gonna bomb this shyt

    • of course everyone loves humps

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