A Man Named Stan

A man, a man,

A man named Stan,


A real cool tan,

Old stan had,


A tan, a tan,

A tan on stan,


A perminant ban,

On old stans tan,


Stan, the man,

Got hit with a pan,


Poor old Stan,

Doing the can can,


Stand Stan, the man,

Stand to the can can,


Bew dew dew dew da dew da do do da dew dew dew dew doooo,


Whoooahh, stan, (thheeee maaaan)

Had that tan, (whoaaaah that taaaannn, honey, lord!)

Whoooah-A-O-O-AHHHH, perminant ban, (praise that ban honey!, praise it!)

Caa-a-a-a-aAAHH-AN, CAN!, (honey, shake it lord, go, have mercy!)

Pan, baby, Pan!, (look out for that pan baby!)

Look at it, no, lord, have mercy, theres a time for everything baby,


Lord! (Looooooooooord)

Let me say this to all the home boys, makin noise,

We’re gonna go crazy with this hon! (lord!)



Have it honey (mercy, babe)


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