A Word From the Man


yo, yo, yo,

im theee, im the A-D-E,

comein strait from Virginia, ahhhhh,


boot it up,

hear that pentium sing,

get out of my grill with that 400 ping,

i got a geforce 3, 815E, wait and see,

22 flaatt, screeen,


woah, a t3, i know the VB, and C,

skills like BG, went to E3, got a P3,

a platnum ping, G, cant mess with me, B,


well they call me the silicon king (king)

im an OEM, a CCNA, an MOC, an MCP,

i play that DoD, who cares about Q3,

i go to BB, play with their PCs


yo, ah, ah, ah,

dawg, gonna get up out, son!

gonna show you haw its done!


gonna tell you once, and only once boy,

cant mess with this shit, get up out,

dont test me yo, gonna put you in the silicon!

gonna tell you a thing about the digital divide, yo,

its right beneath my feet, im lookin down at you,

and your lookin like a punk, get up out!!!

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