Family Ties

It is 1960. Lawrence and Madeleine are married and have no children. Suzanne and Bill are married and have two children, Jeff (a child from Bill’s previous marriage) and Abbey. In 1961, Madeleine dies, and Suzanne and Bill divorce. Suzanne gets custody of Abbey; Bill gets custody of Jeff.

In 1965, Lawrence marries Suzanne and adopts Abbey. A few years later, Lawrence and Suzanne have 2 daughters, Christine and Cynthia. Bill also remarried, and he and his wife, Margaret, have 2 songs, Thomas and Bill Jr.

In 1975, Suzanne dies

In 1980, Lawrence marries Karen. Abbey and her husband of two years have their first child.

In 1982, Karen and Lawrence have twins, Janet and Jeanine.

In 1985, all of the “relatives” gather for Lawrence’s funeral.

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