Grandfather Died

Miguel always had a special relationship with his grandfather. Whenever he visited, his grandfather took the time to ask Miguel how his school work was going. He often had good advice for Miguel and told him stories about his own boyhood. Sometimes they went to a ball game together. One day Miguel came home from school to find his mother upset. His grandfather had become ill. A few days later, Miguel’s grandfather died.

At first, Miguel could not believe his grandfather was gone. Then he felt terrible pain during the first weeks after his loss. He cried often and could not sleep. He also began to feel angry at the world in general. He was especially angry with his grandfather for leaving him. At first he found it hard to do his school work or see his friends. But then he began to talk with his friends about the hurt he felt. He also expressed it to a teacher he especially liked. He did not feel like going out much, but he began to make himself do it. After a while, he grieved less. He still missed his grandfather, but he began to enjoy his memories of the good times they shared.

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