The Ghetto Gremlin

For a gremlin like me pimpin’ ain’t easy

a life in the fruitbat g r -shEeezy

im a grem-pimp, money comes hard to even buy clothes

the closest I get to gremlin love is when im bangin my hoes

it’s a good thing cuz I dont even pay for those

they give me gremlin love, they give me gremlin blows

for a green man livin in tha cave life is ubsurd

I am holgin it down eat other animals dried turd

my gromeboys say turtle is good but I say bird

i spoke to him in gremluage and he was like word

put my ghetto prescription lenses on and fly in the sky

im a pimp by night so my gremgirls ride by

i go to the salon to get my sharp nails done

understand we can die if we go out in the sun

its over, this is the end of my rap

a legendary grempimp ill always be good at that!

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