The Ice Cream Poem

Ice Cream Ice Cream

Oh how i love Ice cream.

I take my spoon

and smile like a bafoon.

I dip my spoon in,

letting the fun begin.

I swallow the sweet ice

making me feel so nice.

I dip the spoon another time,

eating like i commited a crime.

I eat silently, going faster and faster,

leaving the area around me an ice cream disaester!

Ice cream on my lips and all over my face…

eating ice cream like it was a race.

The cold solid touching my toungue,

I worry about my arteries; Thank god i’m young!

I should stop eating for god’s sake!

Thats when i started getting a headache.

My head felt as it was about to explode,

oh boy was that ice cream cold.

I rushed to the cabinet to get some tylenol

i felt like i was about to fall.

I took the medicine and felts better,

although my face was a lot redder.

My headache was really bad,

it was getting me mad.

My sister snook in to take a peek,

she let out a small yell: “Eeek!”

I kicked the carton of ice cream,

and it hit her in the face; she screamed.

Ice Cream Ice Cream

Oh how I hate Ice Cream.

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