If I Had Three Wishes

If I had 3 wishes

It’d be superb-o-licious!

I’d wish for a car

that would bring me near and far.

Until it ran out of gas

that’d be a pain in the ass…

But I could fart in the gas tank

which would make it STANK

but it would run

like a bullet from a gun!

I’d wish for a door

just like the one at the dollar store.

I could slam into the door

and then do it more and more!

I could ram my head at a 100 miles an hour

but don’t worry about the door: it only cost a dollar…

My last wish would be

the wish that left me with glee…

I would wish for the best thing of all

and nothing you could buy at the mall…

my last and final wish would be…

that I could wish for more wishes: exactly 3!

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