#6497: davepoobond -> FutureTrunkxx

davepoobond: Did you sign up for the Squackle Newsletter?

FutureTrunkxx: uh i dont think so

davepoobond: did you even get it?

FutureTrunkxx: i dont think so

davepoobond: hrmm

davepoobond: do you have yer email blocked or somethin

davepoobond: like only people u allow can email

FutureTrunkxx: nope

davepoobond: heh i left out the k

davepoobond: k i’m gonna get it right this time…if you get an email dont respond to it u’ll get unsubscribed

FutureTrunkxx: yeah i got the mail jus now

davepoobond: k

davepoobond: i’ll fwd u todays

FutureTrunkxx: ok

FutureTrunkxx: *kisses u on the lips hard and long sliding muh tounge in ur mouth play with urs with muh own as i firmly grab ur ass pulling ur hips onto muh as i take muh other hand and pulls ur head closer as i put muh other hand in ur pants and stroke ur cock*thanks

davepoobond: oh baby give me some more

FutureTrunkxx: u r BI

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: arent you a girl

FutureTrunkxx: Uh no

davepoobond: =O

FutureTrunkxx: what made u think that

davepoobond: nothin.

davepoobond: i was j/k around

FutureTrunkxx: *kisses him again longer grasping his cock more firmly and pulling his head into the kiss*ok

davepoobond: ok..

FutureTrunkxx: *kisses down his neck and begans to take off his shirt*

davepoobond: ok thats enough of this. ::knees him in the groin then runs away::

FutureTrunkxx: *chases after him*u lil fucker ill kill u for that*says playfully*

davepoobond: AIYEEEEE!! ::jumps up a tree::

FutureTrunkxx: *in mid running transform into a huge white tiger anthro and pounces into the tree and onto him sending falling to the ground on top of him*

davepoobond: what the! get off me ya horny tiger

davepoobond: ::grabs at the ground trying to get away::

FutureTrunkxx: *grasps his cock again and then goes down and sucks onto it hard and fast*

FutureTrunkxx: *holds his arms down so he cant stop him*

davepoobond: … ok this is goin too far

FutureTrunkxx: *uses his tail to tie his legs together*

FutureTrunkxx: *sucks on his cock licking it up and down then taking the full length of it in his mouth*

FutureTrunkxx: do u like this

FutureTrunkxx: *keeps sucking on his cock*

davepoobond: no shut up already. this isnt funny its just disgusting

FutureTrunkxx: *lets him go after he cums into his mouth*

FutureTrunkxx: *wipes his mouth and turns back into a reguralar human*

FutureTrunkxx: Had to much Xtacy i am so horny

davepoobond: y’know that stuff isnt good for you

FutureTrunkxx: yeah

FutureTrunkxx: do u want me to quit

davepoobond: yeah, that’d be good

davepoobond: quit it with the nasty stuff at least. i dont care if you mess up your mind

FutureTrunkxx: illl stop taking X

davepoobond: i mean, seriously, think about it. you turned into a tiger and gave me a bj

FutureTrunkxx: ill just stick to weed

davepoobond: ok good

FutureTrunkxx: yeah but uh i like giving u the bj

FutureTrunkxx: hello dont i get a response

davepoobond: no not while ur high

FutureTrunkxx: i am not high

FutureTrunkxx: well anymore

davepoobond: right

FutureTrunkxx: no for real it wore off

FutureTrunkxx: i am jus bisexual thats all

FutureTrunkxx: not high

davepoobond: ok..

davepoobond: but dont be trying to hit on me or anything k?

FutureTrunkxx: k but why *kisses u on ur lips*

davepoobond: cuz i’m not like that.

FutureTrunkxx: ok

FutureTrunkxx: but one for the road *grabs ur cock*

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