#6485: Phoenix -> davepoobond

Phoenix: Whee! Mail from richmond virginia!

davepoobond: heh ok

Phoenix: I don’t KNOW anyone from richmond

davepoobond: must be junk MAIL

Phoenix: they want to give me a credit card….

Phoenix: hmm… I’m bored I guess I wil

Phoenix: will*

davepoobond: lol

Phoenix: hmm… which one to get

davepoobond: get mastercard

davepoobond: its everywhere you own

Phoenix: nah, I’m sticking with visa

davepoobond: k

Phoenix: it makes pretty cards

davepoobond: ya true dat

davepoobond: i went into my sisters room, she didnt see me and she was reading something. so i screamed “boo!” and she got scared

Phoenix: … lol

davepoobond: “gawd david leave me ALONE”

Phoenix: …david?

davepoobond: yeah..

davepoobond: thats what my family calls me

davepoobond: no one else calls me david

Phoenix: I’m gonna call you Mike

davepoobond: ok

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