#6479: davepoobond -> Coldxs666

davepoobond: hi

Coldxs666: ?

davepoobond: can i talk to ur mom

Coldxs666: sure

davepoobond: cool

Coldxs666: yes

davepoobond: no

Coldxs666: what do u want

davepoobond: a tall glass of you

davepoobond: ::wink wink::

Coldxs666: ok

Coldxs666: can i have some of u

davepoobond: no, i dont give, i receive

davepoobond: if u get what i’m saying

Coldxs666: hes i do

davepoobond: so you have a minimum wage job huh

Coldxs666: yes

davepoobond: AND you play bass guitar

Coldxs666: yes

davepoobond: aint that amazing, i do too

Coldxs666: wow its a small world

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