#6459: davepoobond -> Holmes

davepoobond: here’s a tongue twister of a word

davepoobond: gaugacgaagag

Holmes: i’m not even going to try and say it, it’ll tie my toungue in knots

davepoobond: lol

davepoobond: or how about

davepoobond: aauaacaaaaag

davepoobond: uguugcugaugg

Holmes: too many a’s

Holmes: too many u’s

davepoobond: cigucgccgacgg

davepoobond: aguagcagaagg

davepoobond: giguggcggaggg

Holmes: ahhhhhhhhhhh

davepoobond: zaybaxbiwt

Holmes: jimbjumbjewjeekjagkahrule

davepoobond: uuuuucuuauug, cuucuccuacug, auuauccauaaug, guugucguagug, ucuuccucaucg, ccucccccaccg, acuaccacaacg, uauuacuaauag, caucaccaacag, aauaacaaaaag, gaugacgaagag, uguugcugaugg, cigucgccgacgg, aguagcagaagg, giguggcggaggg

Holmes: ugh

Holmes: <-dizzy

davepoobond: lol

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