#6455: Phoenix -> davepoobond

Phoenix: Got a question for you…

Phoenix: How do you not sexually haress a person applying to be a product tester at a dildo factory?

davepoobond: yeap?

davepoobond: uuhh

davepoobond: i dont really understand the question

davepoobond: is that a trick question

Phoenix: Well if some woman is applying to test dildos how exactly do you notsexually harass her?

davepoobond: dont talk to her?

Phoenix: It’s not really a trick question, I’m seriously wondering.

Phoenix: Well you’d want to um…. see how she’d handle the possition wouldn’t you?

davepoobond: just dont talk to her and dont say anything specific about her job like “how’s the dildos going”

Phoenix: No I mean if she were applying for this job, and you were the interviewer

davepoobond: ohh

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: say something like “we test our products by actually using them, as you may know, since you’re applying to a tester”

Phoenix: but how would you know if she were good or not, she’d have to test them

davepoobond: you dont have to see if she’s good or not

Phoenix: you do if you want a quality operation!

davepoobond: its the same way with video game testers

davepoobond: you dont watch them play

davepoobond: so why would u watch someone sticking a dildo in them

Phoenix: to see if you tink they’d be hurt easily and sue you

davepoobond: they cant. you pry dont offer insurance in testing use

Phoenix: brb, need to roast 24 marshmallows on a stick

davepoobond: okkkk

Phoenix: mmm… yummy

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