#6451: amber -> davepoobond

amber: papa dont preach i’m in love you see, papa don’t dont preach, i’m inlove with him, aadn i’ve made up my mind, i’m keeppin my baby ooo ooo i’m gonna keep my baby ooooooo

amber: daddy daddy if you could only see, see what he means to me, and i don’t mean maybe, i’m keeping my baby ooooooo

davepoobond: o ya

amber: lol

amber: i thought i’d sing a little kelly osbourne for ya

davepoobond: hot damn! my stanky words are on the internet!

davepoobond: nsdg blah hghjghj

davepoobond: sadfa

davepoobond: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggggg

amber: what???

davepoobond: never mind


amber: o ok

amber: whateva

davepoobond: ya

amber: no

davepoobond: no?

amber: no

davepoobond: yes

amber: no

amber: yes

davepoobond: sorry

davepoobond: nope

amber: too bad, i szaid yes

davepoobond: i said no tho

amber: too bad, i’m the baby, and i said yes

davepoobond: o ok >..>

davepoobond: but i said no

amber: so

davepoobond: so……..

davepoobond: that means no

amber: no, that means yes

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