#6440: davepoobond -> amber

davepoobond: whoo i got 1/2 pound of mike and ikes

amber: ok

amber: lol

davepoobond: heh

amber: where are you from again?

davepoobond: california

amber: i thought california people were cool

amber: j/k

davepoobond: heh. most are

amber: but, not you, right?

davepoobond: i guess not, since i’m eating 1/2 pound of mike and ikes

amber: lol

davepoobond: friendly question: do you eat cheesecake?

amber: yeah, why?

davepoobond: i dont know

amber: do you?

davepoobond: oh ya

amber: what kind?

davepoobond: strawberry

davepoobond: or just the regular kind

amber: cool, is cheesecake, really cake, or is it considered a pie?

davepoobond: i dont know. is it even cheese?

davepoobond: cake is in the name, so it has to be cake

amber: yeah

amber: cream cheese

amber: yeah, but it looks like pie

davepoobond: its no question that apple pie or cherry pie is a pie.

davepoobond: cheese pie is non-existent

amber: true

amber: lol

amber: yes it does exist, it’a a type of lasagna

davepoobond: thats ricotta

amber: ricotta, mozerella, and parmesean, and romano

amber: but it is considered a cheese pie

davepoobond: no its considered an italian pasta dish

davepoobond: cuz there’s meat in it

davepoobond: there’s no meat in pie unless it was a meat pie

davepoobond: or a chicken pot pie

amber: ahh, but vegetarian lasagna has no meat in it

davepoobond: otherwise, that’d just be nasty

davepoobond: but its still a dinner dish

amber: ok,

davepoobond: and its italian

davepoobond: italians dont make deserts

amber: do you hit girls?

davepoobond: they make italian ice

davepoobond: no

amber: do you hit guys who hit girls?

davepoobond: no cuz i dont know any guys that hit girls

amber: aghh my little sister is trying to stranggle me

amber: thats ood, but if you knew one that did would you hit him?

davepoobond: then hit her

amber: no she’s 4

davepoobond: probably not, cuz if he can hit a girl, then he’d probably wouldnt mind castrating me

amber: lol

amber: would you hit a guy who sexually harasses a girl?

amber: if he did it right in front of you?

davepoobond: yes i would then


amber: good choice

amber: does a girl have the right to beat the crap out of the guy that sexually harasses her?

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: but not according to the law if you get filed for assault

amber: who said it was me?

davepoobond: i was speaking in a 2nd person kind of way

amber: oh ok

amber: i gotta go

davepoobond: ok bye

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