#6419: davepoobond -> texasfan

In the chat, texansfan was talking about stupid shit about earning money working at home or something like that.


davepoobond: i wanna make 200-2000 dollars a week. how do i do it

davepoobond: but i dont wanna sign up for anything

davepoobond: u have to tell me how to do it over IM

texasfan: y not

texasfan: it free

davepoobond: yeah so what

davepoobond: i told u i dont wanna sign up for anything

texasfan: ok then u dont have to do it then

texasfan: bye

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: hi

davepoobond: what are you trying to pull here

davepoobond: i wanna make 200 to 2000 bucks

texasfan: u have to sing up to somethin that is free so that they know u work for them and so the can send u checks

davepoobond: what do you do

davepoobond: what do you have to do for them

davepoobond: be a prostitute?

davepoobond: cuz i’m already doing that

texasfan: no it is not porn

texasfan: u advertise there web site

texasfan: and get poeple to bye it

davepoobond: but if i dont, then i dont get payed then wouldnt i

texasfan: ya

texasfan: or if u get pople to work for u then the can sell stuff and then u would get payed

davepoobond: but then i’d be doing that for you wouldnt i

davepoobond: and you’d b getting money

texasfan: not if u get people to sing up on ur web site that they give u then i would get no money

davepoobond: hmmm

davepoobond: interesting

texasfan: well i am gonna go right now i will be on later

davepoobond: ok

Previous message was not received by texansfan because of error: User texansfan is not available.


Since he blocked me, I insulted him in the chat room he was in when he came back later.


texasfan: fuck u bitch

davepoobond: lol

davepoobond: hey is it a crime to want your mom

davepoobond: dont u need a work permit for that thing ur talking about

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