#6416: puppyluvingal -> davepoobond

puppyluvingal: what part?

davepoobond: la

puppyluvingal: oh

puppyluvingal: gf?

davepoobond: nah

puppyluvingal: oh

puppyluvingal: what ya wearin?

davepoobond: a strap on penis on my forhead

puppyluvingal: :-*

puppyluvingal: das all?

davepoobond: pretty much

davepoobond: how about you

puppyluvingal: i’m not wearin ne thing

puppyluvingal: i have to change

davepoobond: thats great

puppyluvingal: mhm

davepoobond: 😀

puppyluvingal: eva had a gf?

davepoobond: no

puppyluvingal: aww

puppyluvingal: pic?

davepoobond: no

puppyluvingal: ok

davepoobond: u

puppyluvingal: no

puppyluvingal: describe yourself

davepoobond: well, i have a anorexic look to myself. i have 3 tits….you can see my ribs, and one of my legs is bum, so i can barely use it. i also have a little hunchback on my back, but you cant notice it unless i peel back the extra skin that grew over it

davepoobond: how about you?

puppyluvingal: das disgusting

davepoobond: yeah well

davepoobond: its a living

puppyluvingal: 5’4 106 lbs blonde cheerleader

davepoobond: well a cheerleader ehhhh

davepoobond: are you gonna make a career outta it

puppyluvingal: nope

davepoobond: i used to be a cheerleader too, but then they just kicked me out after 8th grade

puppyluvingal: ok…?

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: i have a toilet

puppyluvingal: g2go bye

davepoobond: his name is fred

davepoobond: where are you going

davepoobond: hello

puppyluvingal: swimming

davepoobond: no ur not

puppyluvingal: yea i am

puppyluvingal: i have a pool

davepoobond: ur leaving cuz you dont wanna talk to a disabled man

davepoobond: bs! no one has a pool!

puppyluvingal: no

puppyluvingal: well we do in the backyard

davepoobond: well thats quite impossible

puppyluvingal: i cant believe ya dont noe ne one with a pool

davepoobond: i refuse to believe it

puppyluvingal: fine whatever

davepoobond: i live in new york

puppyluvingal: bye

davepoobond: thats why

davepoobond: and i only said i was 16/m/ca so i can get into your online panties

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