#6410: bethb -> davepoobond

bethb: Hey, can you answer the survey in my info please? thnx

davepoobond: why

bethb: hahahaha i love your sn its funny

davepoobond: does it open a new window or something

davepoobond: well, of course

bethb: no

davepoobond: everyone loves a third tit right?

bethb: i guess so…depends lol

davepoobond: that doesnt cut it. the automatic answer is


bethb: lol aright

davepoobond: bored? wanna laugh? go to Squackle!

bethb: thnx 🙂

davepoobond: sure

davepoobond: y’must b if ur goin around telling people to

vote whether or not you should get ur tongue pierced

bethb: i dunno……

bethb: a/s/l?

davepoobond: 16.m.ca

davepoobond: u

bethb: 15/f/nh

davepoobond: is that the blue or the orange state

bethb: no idea

davepoobond: didja go to my site

bethb: yea

davepoobond: whaddya think so far

davepoobond: or what did you think if ur not there anymore

davepoobond: which was less than 2 minutes…….

bethb: i think it was pretyt kewl i’m still reading it

davepoobond: o ok

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