#6401: Ghost5050 -> davepoobond

Ghost5050: hey

Ghost5050: you no the luky charm commerical

davepoobond: which one

Ghost5050: hearts satar horse shows clovers and blue mon

Ghost5050: pots of _____

Ghost5050: whut goes in t the _____

davepoobond: gold

davepoobond: pots of gold and rainbows

davepoobond: and me red ballons!

Ghost5050: aahaah

Ghost5050: it dusnt make sense

Ghost5050: its uspposed to ryhme

Ghost5050: ooo yea

davepoobond: what can we do about it. lucky is a stupid dumb shit head

Ghost5050: lol

Ghost5050: is it and me red ballon

davepoobond: and me red balloons!

davepoobond: after him!

davepoobond: you’ll never get me lucky charms!

Ghost5050: lol

Ghost5050: ahah you gots no lyfe

davepoobond: that’s what happens when you make a site like squackle i guess

Ghost5050: you put that in ur site?

Ghost5050: ur no rabit

Ghost5050: trix are for kids

davepoobond: lol

davepoobond: no i’ll pry do that eventually

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