#6391: davepoobond -> Phoenix

davepoobond: my breakfast today – a hot dog and Graham cracker honey sticks

davepoobond: a cold hot dog

Phoenix: .. cool or uncookeD?

davepoobond: uncooked

Phoenix: …at least say not frozen

davepoobond: right out of the package

davepoobond: in the fridge

Phoenix: whew…

Phoenix: frozen would scare me

davepoobond: i got kinda nautious at the last few bites

davepoobond: i used to eat them cold when i was little, but i think its just the brand

davepoobond: Hebrew National

Phoenix: prolly the crackers

davepoobond: no, i was just eating the hot dog then

davepoobond: the crackers taste mighty fine

davepoobond: and theres a pile of sugar at the bottom of the bag

davepoobond: heh

Phoenix: mmm.. sugar

davepoobond: we have these nasty cashews that look like they’re good to eat

davepoobond: but they’re really hard and they have no taste to them

Phoenix: ugh

davepoobond: who sells that kinda crap

Phoenix: leave em in a bowl for guests

davepoobond: ………….we dont have guests……

Phoenix: where all the nasty stuff should go.

Phoenix: So?

davepoobond: NO WONDER

davepoobond: its ORGANIC

Phoenix: ugh!

davepoobond: taste more like crap than cashews

Phoenix: nothing good ever comes out of the ground

davepoobond: yer tellin me

davepoobond: they’re horrrrribible

Phoenix: Why would you buy it ugh..

davepoobond: i didnt

davepoobond: my parents did

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