#6389: davepoobond -> adidasdrgn

davepoobond: yay

adidasdrgn: hi!!

adidasdrgn: hello!!!

davepoobond: hiell!

adidasdrgn: MOooooooooooo cows

davepoobond: mooooooooo giraffes

adidasdrgn: eckieckie penguins


adidasdrgn: how

adidasdrgn: did

adidasdrgn: you

adidasdrgn: do

adidasdrgn: that

davepoobond: press space and then send


adidasdrgn: hashaha i knew that

adidasdrgn: HAHA

adidasdrgn: I’M BORED NOW

davepoobond: HAHAAHAHA

davepoobond: go to squackle

adidasdrgn: you still have that webpage

davepoobond: www.squackle.cjb.net

davepoobond: oh yeah baby

adidasdrgn: lol

adidasdrgn: Hey that thingy isn’t correct

davepoobond: what isnt

davepoobond: www.arcticnetwork.net/squackle

davepoobond: try that

adidasdrgn: the website, i couldn’t get to it

adidasdrgn: okdoke

adidasdrgn: yeah, it worked

davepoobond: yay

adidasdrgn: yeah.

adidasdrgn: i’m gonna go check it out

davepoobond: yay

adidasdrgn: what do you think about armpit hair, lol

davepoobond: that i have plentiful amounts

adidasdrgn: lol

adidasdrgn: enough to briad

adidasdrgn: *braid

davepoobond: almost

adidasdrgn: ha

davepoobond: you can make bow ties though

davepoobond: and knots

adidasdrgn: ewwww

adidasdrgn: i hope it smells good

davepoobond: of course

davepoobond: except when i’m sweating like a manatee

adidasdrgn: lol

adidasdrgn: sea cows go eeeewwhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

davepoobond: so

adidasdrgn: so yeah

davepoobond: ok then

adidasdrgn: alrighty then

adidasdrgn: Yup, i’m going to sign off in 4

adidasdrgn: 3

davepoobond: bye

adidasdrgn: 2

adidasdrgn: `1

adidasdrgn: bye!

davepoobond: bye

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