#6381: Raini Majora -> davepoobond

Raini Majora: *appears in a colorful bust of smoke* LotS will soon be destroyed…along with all of it’s…pathetic members

davepoobond: COOL!

davepoobond: tell me more fairy tales

Raini Majora: *tilts her head curiously*

davepoobond: nyah nyah nyah nyah

Raini Majora: watch and see..

davepoobond: lala alalalalalalal

Raini Majora: *disappears*

davepoobond: watch and see what?

davepoobond: hello?

davepoobond: you disappeared?!

davepoobond: ahhh!

davepoobond: i cant see you!!!!

davepoobond: WHERE ARE YOUUUU

Raini Majora: (TOS)

davepoobond: what are you talking about? you IMd me


I don’t think she actually reported me to TOS.  It was probably just to get me to shut up.

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