#6372: davepoobond -> Squall

davepoobond: boo

Squall: who is this

davepoobond: Asdilik Pickinson

Squall: ohh

davepoobond: 1423 Oak Park Drive

Squall: right…

davepoobond: Missouri, Kansas

davepoobond: i didnt name the town, i’m sorry

Squall: i dont know anyone from kansas

davepoobond: so what

davepoobond: now you do

Squall: right..

davepoobond: so whats up

Squall: nuthin

davepoobond: same with me. momma is milking the cows, and my sister is milking the chickens, and i’m trying to make millions of dollars on the internet so we dont have to milk any animals any more

Squall: right…

davepoobond: guess whos back

Squall: your mom?

davepoobond: back again

davepoobond: guess whos back guess whos back guess whos back guess whos back guess whos back

davepoobond: EM EM EM EM EM INEM


davepoobond: actually my moms back now

davepoobond: she wants to talk to you

davepoobond: is that ok

Squall: no

davepoobond: seriously now, you dont remember who i am?

Squall: no

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